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The Witches' Rede Series


Amid the clink of bleeders on wooden boardwalks, hot and dusty afternoons peppered with the spray of gunfire propelled by the blinding light of fantastical weapons, explosive magic and the mysterious paranormal, this Steampunk series is an adventure and romance for the ages.

The Witches' Rede: POSSESSION

ISBN-978-1948399029 - Book 2 of The Witches' Rede series

An eons-old foe. A vindictive spirit.

And one woman just trying to survive.

Something dark stirs within Maeve; something living, powerful, and terrifying.  She has the ability to manipulate fire, but she cannot control it.

When Redington finds itself mired in an arson investigation, Maeve attempts to rein in her powers or else risk being implicated in the crime... (read more)

The Witches' Rede: PROPHECY

ISBN-978-1948399043 - Book 3 of The Witches' Rede seres

He wants her ring. She wants his promise.

Ancient evils will be damned if they get either.

Following a hellish six months apart, Maeve MacKenna and Rafaele Forino are fleeing Arizona Territory-and their criminal pasts.  When Rafaele gets a tip on Maeve's stolen engagement ring, their journey west takes an unexpected turn.

Tailed through the wilderness by the god of death over what Maeve believes to be a case of mistaken identity, and among a throng of inexperienced and unfriendly travelers, emotions run high, sleep runs short, and already hot tempers flare... (read more)

The Witches' Rede 4_ Coven
The Witches' Rede: COVEN

ISBN-978-1948399067 - Book 4 of The Witches' Rede seres

A missing friend, a lonely artist, and an ailing inventor.

Nobody said a newlywed's life would be uneventful.

Full of splendor and opportunity, San Diego harbors a dark secret the municipality doesn't want revealed. The beautiful city against tranquil waters is not only the backdrop to opium dens and a seedy neighborhood called the Stingaree, it is also the new home of newlyweds Rafaele and Maeve Forino.

While Maeve finds company and quickly loses herself in the paranormal underground, Rafaele spends his days indentured to a miserable aristocrat under the guise of employment... (read more)

The Witches' Rede: ROUT

ISBN-978-1948399081 - Book 5 of The Witches' Rede seres

A broken marriage, a failing business, and an optimist losing home.
Change is inevitable and comes at a price.

The Preternatural Activity Consultants haven’t had much luck in making their company name known—until, that is, a reporter covers Maeve Forino’s failed attempt at un-haunting San Diego’s ill-planned streetcar line.


She soon finds herself making a last-ditch effort to repair her family company’s reputation, assisting with an investigation at the Hotel del Coronado by communing with the deceased... (read more)

Also Available:

Rays of Sunshine


2 strangers, 8 states, and 2,265 miles.

She has 51 hours to make a decision that would change her life forever.

Following divorce from her soul-crushing husband, Rhea Josse unexpectedly finds herself in a long-distance relationship with an odd stipulation: her boyfriend wants her sowing oats with somebody else before he's willing to get exclusive with her.  She's so crazy about him that climbing into bed with another man proves easier said than done.

When a whirlwind evening of sex with two different partners brings unanticipated consequences for her relationship and job, Rhea must learn to let go of her heartache if she's to find her smile again.

The Witches' Rede: ALIGHT

ISBN-978-1948399005 - Book 1 of The Witches' Rede series

An Irish witch.  An Italian outlaw.

And all the mischief the old west can handle.

Maeve lives a charmed life in the small desert town of Redington in Arizona Territory- where spousal prospects are sorely lacking, career choices are shamefully limited to the saloon, and Death himself has a vendetta against her.

All Maeve wants is her independence but 1883 society has decidedly different expectations for her... (read more)

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