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About Jewel

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Jewel E. Leonard writes romance, which is conveniently also the name and URL of this website. She’s notorious for having written romance that makes readers blush starting in third grade, back when her knowledge of sex was limited at best (and before she believed in the well-known advice of writing what you know).


She has since acquired 32 years of life experience and has the hard-earned title of “special needs mom.” Her causes include microcephaly awareness, PCOS, epilepsy education, mental health, infertility, and pregnancy loss—all of which find their ways into her fiction.


Jewel lives in Arizona with her hubby, their son, daughter, and two cats of varying sizes. When not slaving over any of her three full-time jobs, Jewel enjoys a well-baked, gluten-free brownie and shooting sharp sticks into bales of hay (though usually not at the same time).


Her newest release — The Witches’ Rede 5: Rout — hit Amazon in June 2022.

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