The Witches' Rede 4: Coven

The Witches' Rede: COVEN

Book four of The Witches' Rede series

A missing friend, a lonely artist, and an ailing inventor.

Nobody said a newlywed's life would be uneventful.


Full of splendor and opportunity, San Diego harbors a dark secret the municipality doesn't want revealed. The beautiful city against tranquil waters is not only the backdrop to opium dens and a seedy neighborhood called the Stingaree, it is also now home to newlyweds Rafaele and Maeve Forino.

While Maeve finds company and quickly loses herself in the paranormal underground, Rafaele spends his days indentured to a miserable aristocrat under the guise of employment. As she's unwittingly fighting local authorities for the freedom of people like her, he's fighting for his occupational freedom and financial independence for their family.

Circumstance is creating a wedge between husband and wife; Rafaele and Maeve must find a way to reconcile two very different lives if they hope to make a common dream come true.

What people are saying about THE WITCHES' REDE Series:

The author's mastery of the written word and innate storytelling ability shine

on each and every page and will surely leave her readers utterly besotted with

this world she's created.

There is plenty of sassy innuendo, with touches of Steampunk

in a Wild West setting that is refreshing and fun.


All of the elements I look for in a story: Romance, action, humor, magic,

lovingly crafted characters that get under your skin, and a strong narrative

that carries you from one scene to the next.

A realistic take on the hard life of the West and on what

women had to put up with to survive.

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